SWIPE™ to Donate Life

SWIPE™ to Save Lives

SWIPE™ is a new application for Apple devices that allows volunteers to quickly and easily register individuals as donors into the South Carolina Organ and Tissue Registry.
Introducing SWIPE™

Introducing SWIPE™

SWIPE™ is a new application that allows Donate Life volunteers with Apple devices to register individuals as donors with a swipe or scan of a driver’s license. The swipe or scan populates the preprogrammed fields with the registrant’s required information, including name, address and birth date. After the registrant verifies their information and accepts the terms, the record is immediately added to the Donate Life South Carolina Registry. This new streamlined method of registration saves time and eliminates manual form entry steps. With SWIPE™, you can be registered in 10 seconds!

Auto-filling forms

Manually entering Donor registrant information is a thing of the past. Volunteers can now simply scan the back of a driver’s license and the registrant information automatically fills itself.

Scanning is easy

Simply place the Driver’s License upside-down on a flat, clean surface and allow the camera to focus. Make sure the red bar is over the black bar of the license, and SWIPE™ will take care of the rest!

Generate SWIPE™ Codes


Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

The mission of Donate Life South Carolina is to increase the supply of organs and tissues for transplantation and provide assistance for South Carolina transplant recipients. Donate Life South Carolina established and maintains the SC Organ, Eye and Tissue Donor Registry. Vision: An organ or tissue will be available for every South Carolinian in need of a transplant.

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