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DLSC License Plate

Ed has honored his son by working with Donate Life SC and the SCDMV to create the Donate Life license plate.
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Prior to the S. C. Organ and Tissue Donor Registry launch on December 23, 2008, approximately 1.2 million South Carolinians had the red heart symbol on their driver’s licenses/IDs. This represented 34% of residents with driver’s licenses/IDs. The original heart with a “Y” was only a symbol of an individual’s desire to become a donor, but was not a registry. No one could be transferred into the newly created registry. The challenge is to reach the people who already believe they are in a registry in addition to those who have never considered donation in the past.

Registering is easy, quick, and heroic. Individuals can register now on this web site or by obtaining, renewing, or changing their S.C. driver's license/ID at any SCDMV office. When registering through the SCDMV, a new logo representing legal consent will be placed on an individual’s license/ID. It is a heart and "Y" surrounded by a circle with 11 "ticks" in it. This represents the fact that nationally every 11 minutes another person is added to the transplant waiting list.

Old Heart New Heart

Donate Life South Carolina is the nonprofit organization mandated by South Carolina Legislation to maintain the South Carolina Donor Registry.  This registry is dedicated to saving the lives of the many South Carolinians awaiting life-saving transplants.  

FAQs about Donation
— Get the facts to some of the most frequently asked questions about organ and tissue donation and transplantation.

Myths & Misconceptions — Some people do not wish to be donors because of incorrect or misleading information they have seen, heard or read. We want to be sure your decision about organ donation is based on the facts. Get the facts behind some of the more common misconceptions about donation.

Donation Process — Get the facts about the organ and tissue donation process.

Religious Information — A common question that arises when people are asked to consider donation of their organs and tissues, or those of their loved ones is: Is donation compatible with my religious beliefs? Though the answers vary from one denomination to another, research has found that the vast majority of religions do support donation and transplantation. Get the facts about different religious perspectives.

FAQs about Security — Get the facts to some of the most frequently asked questions about the security and privacy of

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