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Donate Life South Carolina is excited to offer students a portal for learning the many surprising ways in which our bodies function and how organ donation and transplantation can save lives. We have partnered with clinicians, school administrators, and teachers to bring you the latest in resource materials and educational games.

Our goal is to inspire you to have a conversation about organ donation and transplantation with your family and friends. Unfortunately, many people today chose not to register because of the many misconceptions about donation. We invite you to visit our FAQ section to view more facts about donation and transplantation.

Taylor, an active college student, received a kidney transplant in December of 2012. Taylor has competed and medaled in many events at both the 2016 and 2018 Donate Life Transplant Games of America. Check out the video of Taylor participating in the 2018 Jive Dance competition with his sister, Abbey! Go Team South Carolina!


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Once you have completed the lesson plans, we ask that you share your understanding of the donation process and the opportunity to save lives by submitting the “Share Your Decision” form.

Educational games and videos

Imagine you are a detective investigating the case of the “Living Organ Donor”. The world is counting on you to discover the truth about organ donation. Can you find out which organs are responsible for the many functions of your body? Will you be crafty enough to go undercover in the following games and see what organ donation is really about? Well, what are you waiting for! Your fun, exciting adventure into the mystery of the body is just a click away. By the way, you can play any grade level game!