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Ed has honored his son by working with Donate Life SC and the SCDMV to create the Donate Life license plate.
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Alan's Story

Alan's Story

Justin was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at 3 months old. His family was devoted to his care, helping Justin go through life wide open with no reservations. Alan, Justin’s father, said, “He enjoyed life to the fullest and achieved quite a lot.”

Even with cystic fibrosis, Justin was fortunate to live a relatively normal life. He played soccer and golf, hunted, fished, and even played the trumpet in both middle and high school bands. Justin became a firefighter and also received his associate’s degree in criminal justice.

When Justin was 20 years old, he noticed a change in his health due to the deterioration of his lungs’ capacity and functions. Justin was placed on the transplant list and had to put the things he loved on hold like sports and school. He hoped it wouldn’t be too long before he could resume a normal life by receiving new lungs.

Unfortunately, the lungs did not come soon enough. Justin waited on the lung transplant list for two years before losing his courageous fight against cystic fibrosis.

“Had there been more donors, it might have been a different outcome,” said Alan. “Obviously, when we die we no longer use our organs, so why not be an organ donor and help others. If you are sitting on the fence, and are thinking about organ donation, I would say to you…if it were your family member or your friend that needed a heart, a lung, a liver, a kidney or any of the many tissues that can be transplanted…wouldn’t you want them to have it?”